The Bachelorette episode 4, season 7

The gents find out they are leaving the mansion for a new start in Thailand. They are excited. First stop: Phucket. (don’t lie, how many of you are calling it “F@&$ It?”)

Walking on a beach, Ashley is reflecting on her loss of Bentley. At the hotel, she tells the concierge, Annie, that she needs help planning a date for 12 guys. Annie acts surprised – 12, wow! (but come on, it’s Thailand, I’m sure she gets a lot worse.)

First one on one date is with Constantine: “let’s sea Phucket together.”
Constantine reminds me of a younger version of the dad from My Father, the Hero. No?
Ashley tells Constantine that they are taking a boat to a private island but the captain of the boat comes over, makes wave motions with his hands then tells them they can’t go out on the water. They sadly improvise to simply walk around the city, check out local shops and stop to meet some locals. Advice from the old street vendor: “the key is to forgive and forget whenever you fight about little things. Don’t try to win.”

Ashley says there is chemistry between them but confesses she still thinks about Bentley. Constantine opens up to Ashley and tells her he was happy that their plans were ruined because he was able to have a real, casual connection more similar to a regular dating situation. I fear Constantine may have the normal man curse (nothing to do with size and all to do with personality – get your head out of the gutter!), which inevitably always leads to getting sent home.

Constantine says he has had good connections in his relationships past but he never really opened up to anyone. Apparently he’s had an epiphany, learning more about himself and letting go of his fear of failure. Ashley says she’s feeling back on track after their nice day together and awards a rose to Constantine. Ashley proclaims “Hopeless Ashley is now hopeful again.”

Group date: Ben F., JP, Blake, Mickey, West, Ben C., Nick, Lucas, William, and Ryan… “let’s make the world a better place.”

JP is going a little crazy with jealousy realizing how many guys Ashley has kissed. Get over it, dude. It’s still raining and they are at an orphanage to paint and pretty it up.
JP is impressed that Ashley chose to spend her time in Thailand helping others. Lucas is also very humbled by the experience. Sweet men warm my heart.

The men are annoyed with Ryan’s constant “on” attitude. Again, get over it.

Ben F. takes some initiative to paint animals on the wall to get some alone time with Ashley. They get more alone time together at the post-painting party and Ashley tells Ben F. that his painting skills really scored brownie points with her…enough to earn him some major lip lock time.

The men get clique-y and hype each other up against Ryan, noting that if Ashley picks Ryan for the group date rose again, then perhaps they should leave if he’s who she wants. Oh, puh-lease.

JP keeps telling Ashley how cute she is as they cuddle under the umbrella. Apparently kissing JP is magical. It. Is. Intense. Pouring rain, kissing on the beach, carrying her…whoa.

Group date rose time comes around and Ashley picks up the rose…starts to talk…and Ryan interrupts to pull her away…just to tell her that he’s looking forward to more talks with her. The men in the background are yelling “goober!” and I find myself almost joining in.

Ben F. gets the group date rose. Apparently now the men can’t storm off in protest.

One-on-one date: Ames “it’s more romantic in the rain.”
He runs with his thumbs out. Mumbles is thinking he’s gay. Not the running, just because. It’s almost confirmed when he says he’s been to Thailand. Alone. Twice. Only a couple reasons people come alone to Thailand…just sayin’. He says it was for cooking school last August and to climb mountains after college. Whatever you say, bud.

They kayak into mysterious caves. Ames says he’s been to seventy countries and this may be the most dramatic thing he’s ever seen. Seventy, really? Ashley is happy to have had this alone time with Ames and says she’s afraid she may have overlooked him if Bentley was still around. Mumbles bursts out “My gosh, how many times has she said ‘Bentley’ this episode?” (Anyone have a Bentley count going?! Seriously.)

Did anyone see those awesome green and orange frogs?!? I want one!

Ames really likes Ashley and tells her they are very similar. Ashley says “Really? Because we’re both nerdy!?” Ashley tells Ames that he is very different from the other guys. She says that his depth surprised her. They are laughing together but also having a substantial conversation. They didn’t kiss, which Ames thinks is okay (or at least he tells himself that) because their conversation was much more intimate. Mmmkay, sure.

Cocktail party:
West is someone that Ashley is unsure about because of his wife’s passing. She asks West if he is ready and he seems hesitant but trying to express that he wants to move on. I think she’s picking up on the fact that he’s not ready, but he’s trying to be. Like maybe he’s ready to start casually dating but doesn’t stand a chance in a competition with other guys.

Lucas is divorced. Ashley doesn’t seem interested. Lucas says he and his college sweetheart lost the passion and fell out of love and it just didn’t work. It makes me wonder if he’s just lookin’ for wife #2.

Blake takes it upon himself to sit Ryan down and tell him he’s the smelly kid. Ryan is surprised. He doesn’t understand. He thinks he gets along with guys. Ryan is sorry he’s too happy, “sorry I’m not grumpy…gosh, think of all the soldiers overseas, waking up to mortar shots. We’re in Thailand…I mean, it’s been raining a lot so I guess I should be grumpy.” Ryan explains to Ashley that “I’m just bursting with love in my chest.” That’s this season’s quote, a la Kasey’s “it’s just my heart – jump in, stay a while.” speaking of Kasey, apparently he’s dating Vienna now, both of whom will be in the next season of The Bachelor Pad.

Ashley is afraid of regrets so Chris Harrison provides another rose so she only has to say goodbye to one guy tonight.

Rose Ceremony:
Constantine, the Hero
Ben F.
Lucas, apparently a “woo!” man
Ryan, Happy/Goober
JP, the good kisser
Ben C.

West is not altogether surprised but explains he’s trying to move on. “Life is love.”

Next week: elephants, ceremonies, rivers, fire, boxing, ambulances, and Bentley’s back.


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