How will you use your Leap Day?

With an extra day this year – Leap Day, just one week away – I’ve been thinking about the concept of time and time management. As Jessie Spano so eloquently said after getting a little too crazy on the uppers and lunging at an all-too-concerned Zack Morris: “No time…there’s never any time!!” (ahh, the life lessons we learn from Saved By the Bell!)  So, I’m back at the really challenging and inspiring question that’s often asked: What would you do if you had more time?

For example, if I actually left work after 8 (or gosh, even 9) hours, what great and intricate recipes could I make for dinner that I never have time for when I come home exhausted at 7:30 and just want to throw together whatever I see first in the refrigerator?

Or, if I woke up an hour earlier to start my day off right with a great breakfast or longer walk with the dog? Would that clear my head and make me more productive during my day? (Certainly wouldn’t make me happy about waking up earlier but perhaps better fed and less guilty for ditching the dog to go to work, that’s for sure.)

Speaking of waking up, how about going to bed? What if you ditched your late night tv date with Jay, Conan, or David and got extra Z’s? How much more refreshed and energized would you feel the next day? How much might you save yoursef in under-eye concealer? (ouch, that was a little harsh, I agree. Sorry.)

So, friends, I ask: how will you use your Leap Day this year?