Our Family is Growing!


After keeping mum for months (pun intended) and pinning away on a secret board, I’m so excited to share this happy news with you today, friends…Kevin Mumbles and I are expecting our first child this October! We are absolutely thrilled, and filled with joy and love.

I’ve mentioned that Mumbles proposed in Lake Havasu, a very meaningful place for us which is now even more memorable since we were able to announce our baby on the way to some of our family while there over Valentine’s Day weekend.  So, so special.

I’m a little more than four months along now, feeling great (I’ve been fortunate not to have any morning sickness, although the fatigue of the first trimester was no joke for about 3 weeks. geesh!) and enjoying the magnificence of pregnancy.  And bacon cheeseburgers.  Mumbles and I keep marveling at how blessed we are and how happy, grateful and fulfilled we’re feeling.  (Apparently those pregnancy hormones are no joke either!)  I’m trying to enjoy every part of this experience and we’re really looking forward to all the incredible moments yet to come…finding out the gender, watching my belly grow, choosing a name, getting the nursery ready, giving birth, and holding our baby for the first time.

I’ve been obsessing over baby blogs and product reviews so for all you moms and dads out there, if you have any can’t-live-without-it products to recommend, please leave a comment below to share!

(custom watercolor illustration by Bamee on Etsy)