Sweet Stuff: April Link Roundup

This sweatshirt.

Would you wait four months to get “the greatest hoodie ever made?” (I now must have one, simply because of the hype)

In Harry Potter news: 3 new spinoff movies + Hogwarts online courses now available. This muggle is excited!

Babies trying lemons for the first time. Ha!

Passengers get a treat when new Disney cast belts out “The Circle of Life” before takeoff.

An argument in support of the HIMYM finale (spoilers but it’s been a month, folks, get with it).

Cory & Topanga are back (but what’s up with his nose? Also, I heart Mr. Feeny)!

I cringe hearing wedding toasts but this maid of honor rap takes the cake!

These photos of snails up close are fascinating. The 4th one from the bottom looks like it’s got a face!

As the wife of an entrepreneur, yes.

Hooray for unsung heroes:


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