The Bachelorette & A Royal Baby

Last night’s episode of The Men Tell All was pitifully boring. So much so that my friends and I chatted the whole way through it, without paying much attention to the interviews.  I can tell you that Zak’s well on his way to wooing America’s hearts as a possible Bachelor candidate though he’s got stiff competition in Juan Pablo, who clearly already has the ladies swooning (I counted more than a couple ‘I heart Juan Pablo’ shirts in the audience).  I get it, I do.  He’s a looker who doesn’t talk much.  Sounds dreamy.  So, while we wait for the drama and tears to finally show up next week on The Bachelorette, how about some royal baby fun?  Use this little tool on to find out your pompous royal name.  Mine is Empress Magnolia The Mostly Victorious.  Like how I’m mostly victorious?  Life ain’t always easy, even if you’re royal, I guess.  What’s your royal name?


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