Pregnancy Predictors

Getting the “are you pregnant?” question is not a good one if you aren’t. See this young house love post on the topic (aptly titled “State of the Uterus” and also, watch the movie Two Weeks Notice).  Since finding out we’re expecting, I’ve had a few run-ins which have surprised and stunned me.

Days before I even took a test, I was having crazy, vivid dreams. I went to lunch with Mumbles, his mom and sister and I was telling them all about a funny dream I’d had where I popped out a baby not knowing I was expecting.  In the dream, Mumbles’s older brother and his wife were very angry with us and our lack of preparation.  “But I didn’t know I was pregnant!” I kept exclaiming a la Ross Gellar and “We were on a break!”  It was a funny little episode, my dream, in that I kept saying things like, “Well, we’ll just head to the store and get baby stuff…you can help. Come on, grab the babe.” and then his brother would get furious and remind me we couldn’t just put the baby in the car because I wasn’t prepared with a car seat.  Oh, right.  Well, you can see it was quite an elaborate and comedic dream. When I finished telling the story, my sister-in-law flatly said “I bet you’ll get pregnant in like 3 weeks.”  Oh, you!   And then the next day I had a positive pregnancy test in my hands.

Just after I’d found out, I had a meeting with a client who asked me in a sweet, polite way if we were trying/expecting and though I hadn’t told anyone I couldn’t hide my grin. It was so uncanny that she’d sensed it so early on. I thought for sure I must have a glob of pizza sauce on the side of my face, having just scarfed down a slice before she arrived. But, no, apparently it was my demure glow. (At least that’s what I’m going with).

In late March, I was out to lunch with all my coworkers (none of whom I’d told at this point) when the owner of the shop started telling me all about the space I could reserve for my baby shower. I nervously wondered if I was showing (my pants were totally unbuttoned but I thought I layered over them well). I dusted it off to assume he saw my wedding rings and just figured I was young enough to have a baby shower somewhere in my future.

Do you have a funny “are you pregnant story?” or ever think someone knew before you actually told them?



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