Blake Lively’s Favorite Pastry Recipe

Doesn’t this recipe sound so delicious? Maybe I’m just hungry…figs, sausage, brie, puff pastry…all things I love. Sounds spectacular.

I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy as far as not getting sick, but the one big bummer has been that any sort of sugar gives me a headache almost immediately.  So I’ve had to say sayonara to sweets but luckily, I’ve been pretty safe with lots of fruit so that’s usually where I turn to get something sugary.  I think this recipe sounds like a fantastic dessert idea for me!  (bourbon flavored maple syrup…am I allowed to have that? I bet it’s divine.)

Doesn’t Blake Lively just seem like such a lovely lady to be baking with in your kitchen, tearing off pieces of bread, chatting and sipping lemonade?  I love to hear her tell the story about her sister tiling her bathroom in Louboutins, and if you stick around through the 2:30 mark, you’ll get a close up shot of her stunner of an engagement ring. Whoa.


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