DIY or Buy: Wood Tree

Wooden Wall Tree from west elm

What do you do if you want to decorate a tree this holiday season but don’t have space for a tree?  This chic, space-saving wooden wall tree from west elm is a great way to add a little Christmas spirit to your home or office without sacrificing floor space (or having to clean up pine needles…or water off your floor).  There are tons of variations on the wall tree, but what drew me to this one is that it could quite easily be a fun little DIY project using craft sticks, popicle sticks…heck, you could probably even walk outside and gather some sticks off the ground and create a more rustic version!  Make it easy on yourself and use hot glue if you’re going the DIY route, and be sure to add a few layers of “branches” so you can hang some lightweight ornaments. And don’t forget to stack your presents underneath!


(Update: the wooden wall tree from west elm is no longer available on their website so I did some searching and found some other inspiration — see here and here — plus a great DIY for a wooden wall tree from Swoon!)


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