Love is Sweet

I remember a Valentine’s Day when I was in elementary school – I got up, put on my pink stretch shorts, red t-shirt, red scrunch socks, pink tennis shoes, and tied my hair with what I’m sure was a pink and red scrunchie covered in hearts or flowers.  Pride swelling at my appropriate attire for the occasion I was quickly out front running around with the dog waiting for my ride to come get me.  It was a rare occasion that I’d be ready and waiting before school but I was jazzed (probably about my awesome scrunch socks) that I was all decked out in a festive Valentine’s Day getup.  My mom came outside, took one look at me and told me to go inside and change.  WHAT?!  I was the epitome of Valentine’s Day cuteness.  Looking back now I can see that dressing up like a supermarket stuffed animal in red and pink did look a little over the top; that just because it was Valentine’s Day didn’t mean I needed to look like an idiot just to show I was in the celebrating mood.  And I think that little lesson stuck with me.

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day (forced public displays of affection and the obligatory, overpriced flowers) but I am a fan of love, baked goods, and greeting cards.  I woke up early this morning to melt some chocolate to get my plate of long stemmed chocolate covered strawberries dipped and in the fridge, ready and waiting to greet Mumbles when he gets home today.  I know Mumbles will appreciate that I woke up a few minutes early to do something nice for him because he knows me well enough to know that it takes a lot of energy and will power to get me out of our comfortable bed every morning.

I believe the small things are the big things in life and that simple, kind gestures make people smile and remember that there are things to look forward to in life, and in love.   So tonight I’m going to give Mumbles his first “To my husband” Valentine’s Day card and enjoy the chocolate covered strawberries just as much as I’d enjoy going home and enjoying a glass of wine or a beer on any other night of the year with my husband. 

Here’s to hoping that this year you’re celebrating love and what really matters – not just buying anything red or pink with hearts on it because you feel like you need to – and appreciating the people you have in your life who show you you’re special every day.


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