Our [nameless] new dog

My dream has finally come true – we have a dog! Mumbles found a stray dodging cars and wandering around in his office parking lot. He sent me the photos and although his white fur was practically black and a matted mess, he had such a sweet face. I demanded he bring that dog home and that’s just what he did. Good husband.

Poor pupster was covered in fleas so Mumbles lovingly gave him a flea bath and we could tell he was relieved already. Over the weekend his personality really started to shine through. At first we were a little concerned; he didn’t play fetch, eat treats, or make any noise, and he was extremely mellow. Now he’s playing ball, gnawing on bones, running up and down the stairs, and rolling over on his back for lots of lovin’ and giving kisses like crazy. He’s a goofy guy and Mumbles is enamored. So am I. I even wake up early to take him for walks, which, if you know me, really means something as I am not a morning person. We’ve been crate training him and it’s breaking my heart to leave him for work. Your heart would break, too. Just look at his little face.


Perhaps the funniest thing about this fluffball is that sometimes he sticks his tongue out and his lips move so it looks like he’s mumbling. It’s a match made in doggy heaven!

So, what do you think we should name him? I always wanted a dog named Ravioli, but he really doesn’t look like a Ravioli. I might get over it because I love the name, but here are some other names we’ve been trying out too, and feel free to suggest your own: