Welcome, 2012

Well, welcome to 2012.  

I want to start by saying that I’m glad you’re here.  Whether we’re friends or strangers, whether you enjoy my writing or you’re here as an avid Bachelor recap reader or even if you found this blog by random Google search, I’m glad you’ve made your way here and want you to know how that I appreciate your contributions, your support, your banter, your wit, the challenges and the compliments.  In that spirit, I’d like to ask that you continue to not only read but also share – I love what you bring to this special place and value your opinions, thoughts, comments, and stories, and welcome them all.  

Today is Monday – the first workday of the year and based on the morning news, Facebook, Twitter, and the many blogs that I’ve read thus far today, it’s clear that everyone is optimistic, hopeful and eager to welcome all that this year will bring.  I’ve also noticed that right now much of the world is focused on resolutions and making goals for the year – most all of which are centered on living healthy and being happy…and isn’t that really what it’s all about? 

In thinking about the New Year, new starts, and new goals, I am reminded of this article in USA Today which discusses the difference between resolutions and intentions: “An intention is a direction – a course you set for yourself.  You can’t fail at an intention; sometimes you can just get off course.  And intentions are positive. Studies show that you’re more likely to succeed at goals that you feel positively about – getting healthy – than at those that are seen as negative, like going on a diet.”

So, this year, why not actually succeed at what you hope for?  Try establishing a set of intentions, and see to it that the things you do in your life this year help you get there.  Or, try this approach: blogger Tim Walker tried out a method used by social media guru Chris Brogan, who at the beginning of each year decides upon three words that will be his focused themes or mantras.  In Tim’s words, “There’s something to be said for this approach, as opposed to setting resolutions. Among other things, it helps you to think thematically about things that are important to you — a positive attitude, for example — rather than getting stuck in the technicalities (and attendant frustrations) of a particular goal, such as losing 30 pounds.” In 2011, Tim chose Calm. Clean. Bodacious. as his three words. Click here to see why he chose those three words and leave a comment below if you’re willing to share what your three words will be for 2012. 

One of my intention words for the year will definitely be Happy.  I like the idea of the word Bold too.  I haven’t quite nailed down a third but I know it will present itself. Probably in some version or form of Create or Share.

Again borrowing from Chris Brogan, I wanted to inspire you to think about your three words with this post about Paying Yourself First (or the idea of Filling Your Own Cup, which I wrote about here), the philosophy in which you give yourself the permission, time and space to do what serves you best so that you can restfully, happily, creatively, and usefully serve others.  It’s my wish for you, and for me too. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2012!

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My Wish List for 2012

 This year Mumbles and I had a very happy Christmas weekend spent with family eating, chatting, laughing, playing, and cuddling with our pup.  Every year we are overwhelmed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of our friends and family, and this year was no different.  As we put away the beautiful gifts we’ve received, I spent time thinking about all the many blessings in our life, and thinking of the love and quality time together we experienced over the weekend, I was reminded (as the saying goes) that the best things in life aren’t things.   With that in mind, I’ve put together a wish list of what I’d like for 2012: 

A house well worn from the traffic of friends and family.
A rug dotted with the crumbs of appetizers and specks of wine unnoticeably spilled during laughing fits.
A worn down remote control from too many nights snuggled on the couch watching tv.
A carpet imprinted with the shape of a small dog curled up by the side of the bed.
A few more freckles from time spent out on the water in Lake Havasu.
More miles on my car from frequent visits to Mom & Dad’s house.

What’s on your wish list for the New Year?