Happy Place

Do you have a happy place?

Mumbles and I are fortunate to share the same one: Lake Havasu. We spent our early dating days driving across the desert talking, laughing and falling in love, not to mention countless hours on the lake lounging, swimming, wakeboarding, and hanging out with friends and family. In the middle of our fifth summer together, he even proposed on the lake! I’m so thankful we have a getaway that’s special to both of us and holds significant meaning in our love story.


Do you have a happy place? Where is it?

P.S. The photo above was taken from the front porch of my parents’ house. My favorite view!


5 thoughts on “Happy Place

  1. Can you believe I’ve never be to Lake Havasu?! My happy place in the last few years would have to be… BUTTE, MT! Sounds kind of crazy but my brother lives there and being able to escape the crazy hustle and bustle of So Cal to an almost ghost town like atmosphere is so peaceful for me. Helps me clear my mind and visit good family. And only within an hour or two are some really fun activities like water rafting, hiking and hot springs. Can’t wait to go back!

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